Welcome to Toastwear.

Toastwear was founded in 2002 by Liz Deacon, wife of toastmaster Paul Deacon and is your one stop mail-order shop for all your Toastmaster requirements. The company was originally formed as a service to colleagues in the industry but has now expanded to provide formal dress wear items to the community both here and abroad. We've sent collars to nightclubs in Los Angeles, shirts to New York, silk socks to France, gloves to Singapore, bow ties to cellists and waistcoats to orchestra conductors.

Toastwear coats and trousers are made to your measurements and we stock most other items such as shirts and collars, waistcoats, gloves, studs, ties, braces and shoes.

If you belong to a group or organisation Liz and I will be very happy to visit you and make a presentation about our products and services. Please call us if you need help or information.